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Joshua Tree

Added on by Tori Nelson.

This last weekend I traveled to Joshua Tree National Park in the California high desert.  Joshua Tree is a kind of Mecca for rock climbers, cyclists, desert campers and (surprise) photographers.   This is a decent time of year to visit as the Summer months average a daily high temperature of 103 F.  This weekend included a cold, rainy and windy day with a light dusting of snow during the night on Friday; cold, sunny with beautiful fluffy clouds and windy on Saturday and then warmer, sunny and windy on Sunday.  So, a little something for everyone.

I was going to JT to meet with friends of mine that are also photographers.  This is an annual trip that was started years ago by a mutual friend and master photographer, Per Volquartz.  Every year he would organize a get-together of like minded, mostly large format photographers for the purpose of photographing, sharing prints of our latest work and general camaraderie.  Every year there would be some new faces added to the group and inevitably, there would be former participants that couldn't make it every time.  Per died in July of 2011 but we have all vowed to continue these yearly sojourns in his honor.