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Using procrastination to your advantage...

Added on by Tori Nelson.

I still have 13 rolls of 120 to process from a trip this last Summer.  In all fairness to myself, my processing method of choice was causing me problems and ruining the first 1 or 2 frames of each roll.  I tried a couple of different things but still had the problem.  Then I put it out to the film community for suggestions but everything I got back I had already tried or it was of no help.  Yep, time to play Scarlet and leave it to "tomorrow" (I just never decided on which tomorrow).

Some major things have come up since then that were, to say the least, distractions from doing anything with my art.  Now life is getting back to some semblance of normal so it seems a good time to get this film taken care of.  Soooo, I call my mentor and master photographer, Kerik Kouklis, and all is right with the world - this should work.  Unfortunately, it means using my least favorite means of processing film and I'm having trouble getting in the mood this morning.

The only way for me not to feel guilty about this latest bout of procrastination is to work on some other project I haven't gotten to ; - )   Enter this pile of Magnolia pericarps I've been collecting in anticipation of photographing for the last year... 

Hmm, maybe I should just get back into the darkroom and have a go at those rolls of film.